Our business proposal

To begin we would like to explain what we have to offer and who we consider a possible business partner.

We propose a collaboration with no time limits, no expiration date,
without funds, without deposits, without checks or letters of guarantee.
We propose a collaboration that will only BENEFIT you, without the need for funds,
without having to maintain storage facilities, without special permits.

A program to offer Travel and Tourism services, which is easy to use.

First contact your friends, acquaintances and relatives, inform your customers,
the visitors of your website. With our cooperation you will be able to propose and
offer, all the Tourist Services our company has built and developed in the last
40 years. You do not need to have expertise or experience in tourism since the purpose and cooperation
we suggest does not require any special knowledge. All you need to do or should know,
will be given to you, ready in an online application, easy to navigate and simple to use.

You just have to be the right partner!

We appeal to all tourism businesses.
Even to the already operating tourist agencies who want to enrich their services and
increase their sales. We appeal to car rental agencies. We appeal to
the owners of rental rooms and apartments, to the receptions of large and small
hotels and to hotel accommodations in general.

We appeal to clubs, associations, groups that want to provide travel services to
their members while strengthening the funds of their club. To webmasters whose websites
have content for traveling in Greece. To Blogs, Portals, Forums or communities in social media (Facebook, etc.)

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