Terms & Conditions


The proposed partnership agreement defines the terms and conditions between the company
Greekferries Club (ECOWOLRD SA) – 33 Kounavon Street, 71304 Heraklion, Crete (“Company”) and
each partner, (“Affiliate”) as it is recorded in the On Line registration form.

Background – Purpose

(A) The Company” has and manages websites related to shipping, ferry trips, mini cruises and reservation systems
and ticket issuance.

(B) The “Company” has a program (software) that allows the “Affiliate” to make ONLINE ferry reservations and issue
ferry tickets. This program can operate from anywhere as long as internet access is available.

(C) The “Affiliate” agrees and uses the supplied software provided, for FREE, without fees or subscriptions, follows the
rules that the “Company” poses for reservations and ticket issuance and in return the “Affiliate” will earn a commission
on the sales.

(D) The “Affiliate” is aware that the electronic submission of the application form recommends the acceptance of
this agreement and that the information is correct and that the written application shall be considered as an affirmation
of Law 105.

The company and the Affiliate agree that:

1. Obligations of the Affiliate

1.1 The Affiliate understands and agrees that this Agreement with the Company is not exclusive.
The Company reserves the right to enter into partnerships with one or more Affiliates in the same geographical area.

1.2 The Affiliate agrees not to take or fail to take any action that may affect the relationship of the Company with the Reservation Providers (Ferries – Ferry companies). The Affiliate will immediately correct any errors or omissions in their website.

1.3 The Affiliate will not assess and will not export information (including customer reviews) from any part of the Website (eg screen scrape) or from the Reservation Providers websites. The Affiliate will not make any static copy of the contentor any part of the Website or the Reservation Providers websites for their own server.

1.4 The Affiliate will not make bookings through the website from the links provided by the Company or from websites of the Reservation Providers for resale or on behalf of third parties. The Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that the restrictive terms, commitments, obligations and restrictions set in Section 1 are significant and should be thoroughly respected by the Affiliate and by the companies within the Affiliate Group.

1.5 The Affiliate (directly or indirectly) will not register, use, buy an Internet domain name which is identical or substantially similar or confused with the domain name of the Company and the brands, including any variations, translations or misspellings (ensuring that the same applies for the companies within the Affiliate Group). During the duration of this Agreement (and in relation with brands and data of the Company) the Affiliate shall immediately comply with any request made ​​by the Company according to Section 1.

1.6 The website of the Affiliate shall not (directly or indirectly) be connected to the Website or the Websites of the Reservation Providers due to Double Serving or any similar technique or method or any other restrictions as defined in the Spamming Regulations. The Affiliate will not (directly or indirectly) make the Affiliate Website or its Content available or show the Content of the Third Party Platforms with the intention or purpose to deceive, cheat or fool editors, content crawlers of search engines (spiders), web detectors (web-crawlers), or (meta) search engines (including any similar tools or engines) of the Third Party Platforms in order to give the website of the Affiliate a higher ranking or appearance when it will not be able to be displayed otherwise or be ranked higher if not having used Cloaking or any similar technique or method.

1.7 The Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that any pending compliance or implementation of reasonable requests by the Company or in the event that the Affiliate does not immediately accept the demands of the Company, the Company has the right to suspend its obligations under this Agreement or immediately end this Agreement.

1.8 The Affiliate undertakes the commitment to ensure that his/hers website does not include or has no direct or indirect connection
to sites that:

  • have violent, racist, extremist or defamatory content
  • provide pornographic, erotic, religious or political nature content or
  •  may in any way be harmful to the Company or its customers, the image or reputation of the Reservation Providers.

2. Obligations of the “Company”

2.1 The Company provides Marketing Tools of the websites to the Affiliate through the Control Panel which will allow the Affiliate to create links, Qualifying Leads. The Affiliate may with the consent of the Company, make visual changes to the Promotional Content.

2.2 The Company provides all the technical support that is needed to the Affiliate through the Control Panel in order for him/her to achieve his/hers purposes and goals.

2.3 The Company provides the necessary tools to the Affiliate through the Control Panel in order to derive the information necessary for the financial control and sales performance of his/hers websites.

2.4 The Company provides the Affiliate with advice, statements, statistics through the Control Panel which will help the Affiliate to better organize and promote his/hers websites.

3. Terms, Reports and Payments

3.1 The commission that the Affiliate is entitled to is always calculated on the net fare tickets. Meaning after deducting the government deductions and taxes, fuel surcharges, fees from banks etc.

3.2 Payment of fees is made on a monthly basis. The Company shall pay all monthly Fees Payable, between the 25th-30th day of the following month. Meaning, that the commission that the Affiliate is entitled to for the month of February will be paid between the 25th and the 30th day of March.

3.3 The minimum commission amount paid is set to the amount of €200. Otherwise the fees will be added to the sales profits for the next month until it reaches a minimum of €200 for payment. If for example the commission of January is €150, it will be payable with the commission of February after it is added to it and has completed a minimum of €200.

3.4 The Company will make the payment in accordance with the manner designated by the Affiliate in the Control Panel. The Company is not responsible for any bank fees imposed by the financial institution of the Affiliate.

3.5 The payment of the commissions is made via bank transactions and the following applies and the amount of the charge for use of the bank transaction is charged to the Company.

3.6 The Affiliate is responsible for taxes on his/her share regarding profits. The Company does not pay additional compensation for taxes to the Affiliate. If any withholding taxes are required from the Affiliate, the Company will:

  • withhold tax from that payment and
  • will pay that sum to the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable laws.

3.7 Regarding the ferry tickets, the basic commission of the Affiliate is defined at the rate of 4% of the net fare minus the expenses. This percentage increases depending on the amount of sales in accordance with the board of “overcommision of Greekferries Club SA” and can rise up to 10%. For short day cruises the commission is different. It is related to the policy of the ferry company, the seasonality, and varies between 15% to 30%. – Details can be found in “your account”.

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