The Program

With the approval of your request and the beginning of our collaboration, you have already established
and developed a complete Tourism Office, trust us! Your own business!

We offer the “tool for unlimited profits from your office or your websites”.

We offer an application for FREE and PROFIT from your sales!
We offer the highest commissions in the market!

Our partners can monitor their sales completely and continuously!

Information is provided through the “personal GU account” (Greece-Unlimited Affiliate Online Account)
24 hours a day such as:

Statistics / Reservation History

  • Full history reservation.
  • Search using booking code, passenger surname, reservation date (from – to).
  • Grouping results by booking date.
  • Default groupings by month, last 30 days, per day, last 7 days.
  • Ability to print all history booking list or specific reservation.
  • Detailed information on a selected reservation and ability to print and / or send via email in the desired language available

Payment Statistics

  • Complete history of profits and payments to the partner.
  • Ability to print the results.

Function – Using the program

Done in two ways.

  1. Can be used from the Desk, the office, the reception obtainable to tenants, and passing customers.
  2. Can be used online through sites, obtainable to friends and visitors of your web pages.

Features of the program

  • It is Available in 7 languages (English, Greek, French, Dutch,German, Italian, Spanish).
  • Provides ONLINE availability of all services.
  • Provides ONLINE prices and price comparison.
  • In the case of ferry companies, it supports discounts (special offers,age, return discount, etc.).
  • Supports all available discounts and bonus programs of the ferry companies for their members.
  • Proof of booking (Voucher) with printing ability or via email to the passenger in the desired language available.
  • Supports the reward program for members of the “bonus per mile”of Greekferries Club SA.

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In-House Reservations System
         To assist your walk-in customers

Through your GU account, you are able to make online reservations for ferries, day-cruises, excursions etc yourself. Simply select the type of service your client needs, eg ferry tickets to the Greek islands, and follow the steps entering the required information as you go along. You can use the system to retrieve information (departure times, prices, availability etc) or to finalize a booking. In the latter case, the system produces an Confirmation Voucher with all information necessary for boarding. You can print out the voucher and you can also send it to your client by email in any of the languages we support.

The In-House Tool is available to all Affiliate Partners for retrieving information on schedules, prices and availability, ie up to the Payment Step. To be able to finalize bookings through the GU System, the Affiliate must provide a credit card of his/her own in the Profil section. This credit card will be charged for any booking made through the In-House Tool (not the Web Tools). The Affiliate is then responsible to collect the same amount from the client in any way they agree (in cash, by charging the client’s credit card etc).

To create a ‘travel e-shop’ and assist your online customers
         Tools for Websites (Web Tools)

We offer website owners a variety of web tools such as search boxes, banners and deep links to choose from in whichever of the available language they prefer. They can simply add the selected web tool/s to their website by simply copy-pasting the HTLM code that our system provides. Each time a visitor uses one of these tools to make a reservation, the Affiliate receives the equivalent commission. Reservations and payments can be seen at all times from the Affiliate’s online account.

Range of customizable web tools

  • Campaign creation for grouping and monitoring the effectiveness of the web tools in use.
  • Search forms
    • Choice between 6+ predesigned search forms. New designs to be added.
    • Configuration of search forms to produce results for all or only certain port connections.
    • Possibility to predefine the default language of the search box.
    • Possibility to add labels for easy tracking statistics
    • Preview option.
    • Automatic HTML code generation by the system that allows webmasters to simply copy paste the code, ie web tool, in their website.
  • Banners
    • Choice between a variety of banner types, each of which offers 20+ banners. New banners to be added.
    • Possibility to select the language.
    • Possibility to add labels for easy tracking statistics
    • Automatic HTML code generation by the system that allows webmasters to simply copy paste the code, ie web tool, in their website.
    • Filtering possibility by using the reservation date (from – to), sales source, label, unique visitors, language, web master tools.
    • Grouping possibility by using the user id or the sales source.
  • Text Links (Deep Links)
    • o Choice between various text link types, each of which include 20+ text links and new ones are added frequently
    • Possibility to select the language.
    • Possibility to add labels for easy tracking statistics
    • Possibility to add a text link to a campaign for better grouping and monitoring
    • Automatic HTML code generation by the system that allows webmasters to simply copy paste the code, ie web tool, in their website.

Statistics / Performance report

  • Detailed report of how the Affiliate’s visitors use the implemented web tools and how many led to a firm booking.
  • Possibility to filter results by date.
  • Possibility to view the performance of a specific sales source.
  • Possibility to view the performance of a specific web tool.
  • Results are grouped by the tool type, the label, the sales source or language.
  • Print out option.

Payment report

  • Detailed reports about commissions from firm bookings by web tool.
  • Possibility to filter results by date.
  • Print out option.

Please click on the following link to read the Terms of Partnership
         Terms & Conditions of Partnership


The proposed partnership defines the terms and conditions between the company Greekferries Club (ECOWORLD SA) – 33 Kounavon Street, 71304 Heraklion, Crete (“Company”) and each partner, (“Affiliate”) as registered through the online registration form.

History – Purpose

(Α) The “Company” offers and manages websites related to tourism, ferry travel, flights, cruises as well as reservation and tickets systems.

(Β) The “Company” possesses a software system that allows the “Affiliate” to make ONLINE reservations and issue tickets for the entire range of services the Company provides. The program can be handled from any location with internet access.

(C) The “Affiliate” agrees to use the software provided for FREE, without operation or subscription fees, following the rules for reservation and ticketing set by the “Company”, in return for a commission on sales.

(D) The “Affiliate” is aware that the electronic submission of the application form constitutes acceptance of this Agreement and that the information given is correct and that the written request is considered as an affirmation of Law 105.

The company and the Affiliate agree that:

1. Obligations of the Affiliate

1.1 The Affiliate understands and agrees that this Partnership with the Company is not exclusive. The Company reserves the right to enter into a partnership with one or more Affiliates in the same geographic area.

1.2 The Affiliate agrees not to take, or omit to take, any action that may affect the relationship between the Company and its Providers (Ferry Companies, Airlines, Cruise companies, service providers, ticketing system providers, hoteliers etc) and will promptly correct any errors, misleading information or omissions in their website.

1.3 The Affiliate agrees and acknowledges that any pending compliance or implementation of reasonable requests made by the Company or in the event that the Affiliate does not immediately accept the demands of the Company, the Company has the right to postpone its obligations under this Agreement or immediately end this Agreement.

1.4 The Affiliate commits to ensure that their website does not contain or have direct or indirect links with websites which:

  • have violent, racist, extremist or defamatory content
  • provide content of pornographic, erotic, religious or political nature or
  • can be harmful to the Company or its customers, to the image or reputation of the Booking Providers in any way.

2. Obligations of the “Company”

2.1 The program that the Company provides to the Affiliate, includes Tools Promotion of the services and control of the sales. It has a control panel providing the Affiliate with the necessary technical and logistical support needed in order to achieve his/her objectives and monitor his/her sales.

2.2 In the Control Panel, the Affiliate has 24-hour access to his personal unique codes.

2.3 The Company provides the Affiliate with advice, statistics, information, announcements and access to personalized assistance through the Control Panel.

3. Terms, Reports and Payments

3.1 The Affiliate is entitled to a fee for every completed sale. This fee is called a commission on the sale and is a percentage of the sale. It is calculated on the net fare of the ticket, excluding state deductions and taxes, fuel surcharges, banks expenses etc.

3.2 The commission is paid out on a monthly basis. The company shall pay all Payable Commissions of a month, between the 25th and the 30th day of the following month, e.g. the commission that the Affiliate is entitled to for the month of February, will be paid between the 25th and the 30th of March.

3.3 The minimum fee is the completion of the amount of €200. Otherwise, the commission is added to the sales profits of the next month until the minimum cover of €200 is reached. For
example, if the supply of January is €150, it will be paid after the commission in February is calculated and has completed a minimum of 200 Euros.

3.4 The Company will make payments based on the payment method selected by the Affiliate in the Control Panel. The Company is not responsible for any bank expenses charged by the financial institution of the Affiliate.

3.5 The Affiliate is responsible for the taxes that derive from the earnings. The Company does not pay additional compensation for taxes to the Affiliate. If it is required by law to withhold any amount of tax from the Affiliate’s commission, the Company will:

  • withhold tax from the respective payment and
  • will pay that sum to the respective authorities in accordance with the applicable laws.

3.6 The Company provides its partners with the highest commissions in the market. Given the specificity and diversity of the services offered, the commission differs from service to service.
For example, the profit from a domestic line ferry ticket, is different from the international one and another on the cruises. Details can be found in the Control Panel under “Your Account”. Indicatively the commissions vary from 4% -30%. For some services, the company offers an oversupply in addition to the basic supply. The rate of the oversupply depends on the amount of sales and may reach up to 10%.

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