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Who We Are

Ecoworld SA
TEL. : 2810529000(60 lines)

Dealing with tourism in Greece and especially in tourist events in Crete, where our headquarters is, started in 1964.

15 years later we founded our company, KAPPA BETA GROUP SA under the name, Kavi Club – Travel Services in Greece.
As a travel agency, we specialized in incoming tourism in Greece.

We provided services to individual visitors, tourists in Crete and in groups with different interests.

In 1985 our activities extend throughout Greece. We are no longer a local business, Incoming Agency, but we work as
a Tour Operator, offering complete vacation packages for Greece.

We are proud of the fact that we were the first ones in Greece to be certified with ISO 9001 for our services and management
as a tourist company.

In 1995 we expand and we set up a second “subsidiary company” under the name ECO WORLD – ECOLOGICAL WORLD SA –
Greekferries Club

While as Kavi Club at the time, we worked with more than 400 Europeans “Fly and Bus Tour Operators”, suggesting our packages
for Greece to them, we are active within the Greek shipping field with our new company Greekferries Club.

We had the honor of being GSA partner of SUPERFAST FERRIES – BLUE STAR FERRIES for 15 years since its establishment (1994) until 2008.

Today, Greekferries Club SA, is one of the largest Greek companies specialized in ferry trips in routes Greece – Italy and the Greek islands.

Since 1995, leaders in Greece, we worked with the internet. Since then and for about 20 years, we are consistently present, with several
web sites, with being the leading ones.

It will be an honor to join our efforts and experiences in a constructive and profitable cooperation.

Thank you for being close to us.

EcoWorld SA
Greekferries Cub Team

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