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We started a travel and tourism services promoting campaign throughout Greece,
with the slogan “the whole of Greece serves and supports Tourism in Greece.”

We give our partners, “Affiliates”, the opportunity to offer travel services,
firstly to their friends and relatives, their customers, but also to themselves
for a commission. We give them the opportunity to create a complete and
organized tourist office, without organization and maintenance costs, special
permits, financial guarantees, etc.

“The whole of Greece serves and supports Tourism in Greece!”

CRS is a program that enables all tourism professionals to participate for FREE
e.g. hotel and apartments owners, villas, rent a car companies, travel agencies,
but also to those who have websites with tourism, travel and advertising content,
Portals, Blogs, etc, whether they are Greeks or foreigners.

The proposed CRS travel services program is shown on this site:

ALL the partners who enroll and participate will of course be paid,
they will profit and earn commissions from their sales. The service is constructed in such a way
that each of our partners “Affiliates”, have full control of their sales and profits
and also the ability to control their “account” 24 hours a day.

The cooperation program is provided to our partners “Affiliates”, for FREE!

01. Our company – Who we are

Our company is called Ecoworld sa. We have extensive experience and presence in the tourism
events in Greece. We deal with shipping and inbound tourism from 1975
and since 1995 we offer our services via the internet.
We are based in Heraklion Crete. Learn more through our corporate website:

On the internet you will find us on the following websites: Travel by ferry to the Greek Islands! Hotels and apartments all over Greece! Ferry bookings throughout the Mediterranean! Become Our Affiliate and increased your income! Join us because Travel, comfort and profit go together! Members of the Greekferries Club earn double! Tourism Services in Greece!

Today our members in Greekferries Club reach 300.000.-
These are all customers, friends from around the world.


33 Kounavon Street Giofiros 71304
Heraklion Crete, Greece

02. We ask you to become an Affiliate! What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate (meaning collaborator) is anyone who maintains a
business related to tourism and can promote our services.Even those who are not tourist businessmen but have a presence on the web
with a site or a blog or a Portal and wants to provide tourist information and services
to their guests.So an Affiliate is a partner that promotes the products and services of our program
in exchange for a commission on their sales.

03. How can I become an Affiliate?

The object of our cooperation is: selling travel and tourism services
in Greece. Tours, cruises, ferry and airplanes tickets, rental rooms and hotel rooms, etc.To participate in the program as an Affiliate, all you need to do is to send us a request by completing the registration
form which you will find on the first page of your request has been approved you will be informed by email on how to log in to your account.
Detailed guidance on the Affiliate service and how to use it via the tools which we provide (banners, text links, search forms or Online Booking
if you are a company), can be found under Help through your account after logging in, after our approval as an affiliate.

If something is not clear or you have trouble with our service, we will be happy to assist you.

04. What are the potential uses of the program for an Affiliate?

If you are an individual and you have your own websites where general information about Greece or specific locations is given among other information and you invite the world to see them, then:

The technician -or you if you have the knowledge- embed the code that is given to you for FREE in your site, so that visitors to your pages
are able to see, find out and buy our services e.g. ferry tickets or airplane tickets.

If you are a tourism professional.
Besides the possibility of embedding our code into your websites, you can work from your office computer, serving drop-in customers.
Remember: For every sale you get a commission.
You have complete control of your sales and the ability to control your “account” 24 hours a day.

05. What will it cost me to become a new Affiliate Partner?

The participation in the Affiliate Program is FREE.

There are no registration fees and no monthly costs.

The provision of our code is FREE as are the installation tips and proper use of the service. As soon as you register and your application is accepted, the cooperation is activated and you gain immediate access to the services we offer as well as a complete Help which will guide you step-by-step through the tools that you can use.

06. What is your reward from our partnership?

Firstly thank you for your willingness to cooperate with us.

You start by selling from your office or from your site.

For every sale you finalize, you are entitled to a commission on the value of the service.
The commission is always calculated on the net amount (after deduction of taxes and expenses to third parties) and the total number of sales.
The more sales, the greater the income and your commission. The more sales, the commission rate increases.

Once an Affiliate achieves a higher rate of commission all subsequent sales are calculated on the basis of this new rate until the Affiliate achieves an even higher rate.

The commission is paid monthly.

The commission is tiered and varies from sale to sale depending on the service. E.g. for ferry tickets it starts with 4% for sales from 0-20.000 Euros and reaches 10% for sales of 120,000 Euros or more. For cruises it starts from 15% and may reach a 30%.

Detailed tables are in your “account” after you register.

07. How can I increase my sales?

It is normal for your goal to be to sell the maximum possible number of sales, in order to maximize your income. Please note that we are and will always be by your side with all the help that you may need.
To help you achieve your goals we have already predicted and provide the following:a. For ferry ticket sales
Participation of our / your customers in the Bonus per Mile programYour candidate customers who want to travel by ferry (in whichever route they wish and with any company or vessel) they can, if they want as members of the Greekferries Club, participate in the Bonus per Mile program.
As a member of the Greekferries Club they have a personal account in which the miles are recorded after each ferry trip. After they gather the necessary Miles they are entitled to discounts and free trips.

More information on the

b. For daily cruises
Only you, our partners and nobody else, have the possibility to make reservations for one-day cruises throughout
Greece through a program. If you are in Chania you can book a cruise from Heraklion, Ierapetra, Rhodes, Santorini etc. It is a unique privilege given from you to your customers.

c. In a short period of time you will even be able to sell airplane tickets, make reservations for car rentals in Greece, hotel reservations, tennis, golf, bus tours, etc. Each month will provide a new service.

It is worth to mention that in addition to the above, maximizing the target as an Affiliate comes from his/her own promotion services – products which we provide.
This promotion can be achieved in various Marketing ways which can be followed, such as increasing the ranking of the site in the search engines, targeted promotion in the Social Media, email Marketing, etc.

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