Onze business voorstel

Our business proposal

To begin we would like to explain what we have to offer and who we consider a possible business partner.

We offer you a FREE web application; a tool which is easy to use either to offer new services to your walk-in
clients and/or can be easily implemented in your website. Through this tool you can create and develop
a complete Travel Agency, your own business!

With our support, you will be able to offer and promote all the travel services that our company has
built and developed over the last 40 years.

Who can benefit:

Any travel business. This includes travel agencies that want to add new services, Rent-a-Car businesses,
hotels, apartments, rooms for rent.
Clubs, Associations or societies. Any organization that wants to offer travel services to its members and
boost its income at the same time.
Owners/managers of websites with travel related content.
Blogs , portals, forums or even social media groups and communities (Facebook etc).

How it works

Our Affiliate partners can offer travel services with either or both of the following ways:

  1. From their front desk, reception, offices etc to walk-in customers
  2. From their website/s, to online visitors, clients and ‘friends’.

Τhe Programm

Friendly, simple, flexible to use.

As a staring point, the system includes the following services:

  1. Ferry ticket reservation system for.
    1. Ferries to the Greek islands
    2. Ferries between Italy-Greece (Adriatic Sea)
    3. Ferries for Mediterranean routes
  2. One-day-cruise ticket reservation system
    Apart from the usual one-day-cruises such as Heraklion-Santorini or Piraeus to the
    Argosaronic islands, more local routes such as Chania-Balos or Agios Nikolaos-Spinalonga
    are gradually added to the system, allowing our affiliate partners to book
    places regardless of their location.
  3. Flight ticket reservation system for the airline company Sky Express.
    (the system will be available by Dec 2014)

Services to be added in 2015:

  1. Hydroplace Ticket reservation System .
  2. Hotels and Apartments Reservation System for the whole of Greece (www.hotels.gr)
  3. Rent-a-Car Reservation System
  4. TAXI Reservation System
  5. Reservation System for one-day guided coach excursions.

The Program Details

  • It is be available to your clients in 7 languages (English, Greek, German, French, Dutch, Italian & Spanish).
  • It offers online real-time availability.
  • As regards the ferry reservation system, all discounts and special offers (age, family and return discounts,
    early booking offers, automobile club discount etc) are supported.
  • All ferry company reward schemes for point collection and discounts are supported.
  • The System also supports the ‘Bonus per Mile’ Client Loyalty Reward Programme of Greekferries Club.
  • Confirmation of Booking (Voucher) is available in printable format and can also be sent to the client
    by email in the preferred language.